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Field visit

Field expedition to Trambau Glacier


Rolwaling Valley, Nepal

Date & Time

10 November 2021 to 02 December 2021


Tika Ram Gurung

Organizers: Nagoya University, ICIMOD


About the fieldwork

We are collaborating with Nagoya University, Japan to carry out cryosphere-related fieldwork and data collection in Rolwaling, Dolakha, Nepal.

The following activities will be carried out in the field:

  • Mass balance measurement and stake data collection on Trambau Glacier
  • Download hydro-met station data and carry out maintenance of rain-gauges, Pluvios, Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) placed throughout the Rolwaling Valley

Since 2016, Nagoya University has been conducting regular bi-annual glaciological and hydro-meteorological inspection of the Trambau Glacier in Rolwaling Valley. The team has not been able to visit the field since autumn 2019 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we will be conducting the field work on their behalf to ensure continuity of the long-term data series.