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Managing cryosphere and water risks in China


IMHE, Chengdu, China

Date & Time

29 March 2024


About the event

This consultation meeting will bring together key partner institutions in China working on cryosphere assessment, river basin management, climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction. During the meeting, ICIMOD will brief partner institutions in China on the new  Strategy 2030 and Medium-Term Action Plan (MTAP) V (2023–2026) , and produce joint work plans to further strengthen collaboration and partnership.

The event is being organised with IMHE-CAS and CN-ICIMOD in collaboration with ICIMOD’s Action Area A: Managing Cryosphere and Water Risks under Strategic Group (SG) 1: Reducing Climate and Environment Risks, supported by the governments of China, Norway and Switzerland.

We are organising this consultation meeting in the sideline of the inception workshop for the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)-ICIMOD joint projects under NSFC’s Sustainable Development International Cooperation Program (SDIC).


  • Share and conduct discussions on ICIMOD’s MTAP V (2023-2026), with focus on AAA’s planned activities for 2024 and beyond
  • Explore scope for cooperation in the areas of cryosphere analysis, disaster risk reduction, water resource management, and implications for climate risk preparedness in China, and opportunities to scale in the broader HKH region
  • Consult with UIBN China Country Chapter regarding its 2024/2025 planned activities, following China’s assumption of the UIBN RSC Chair at the December 2023 UIBN Annual Meeting

Expected outcomes

  • Identified joint areas of cooperation under MTAP V to manage cryosphere and water risks
  • Strengthened collaboration with partners for the implementation of activities in the HKH region

Expected participants

This consultation will include representatives from national institutions related to cryosphere, water resource management, and disaster risk reduction, with whom ICIMOD have been working in China.


ICIMOD has developed a new roadmap in the form of  Strategy 2030 and MTAP V (2023–2026) to enhance cooperation and collaboration for a greener, more inclusive, and climate-resilient Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). With this new direction, ICIMOD is embarking on a new four-year cycle, committed to driving policy and practice.

Given the restricted opportunities for engagement with our Chinese partners during the pandemic, our objective is to leverage the upcoming Inception Workshop for NSFC-ICIMOD Joint Projects and China Partner Consultation Meeting to introduce ICIMOD’s MTAP V and planned activities to our existing and potential Chinese partners. Through these meetings, we aim to reinvigorate existing partnerships and seek avenues for establishing new collaborations with relevant partners and key areas aligned with ICIMOD’s Strategic Group on: Reducing Climate and Environment Risks for 2024 and beyond.