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Climate Change Adaptation Policy & Science (CCAPS) Conference – Lessons, Achievements & Way Forwards of HI-AWARE Project




Marriot Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan

Date & Time

02 October 2018

Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) will be hosting the HI-AWARE project end Climate Change Adaptation Policy & Science (CCAPS) Conference – Lessons, Achievements & Way Forward of HI-AWARE project conference from October, 2018 in Islamabad Pakistan. CCAPS conference is a series of events held annually HI-AWARE. The conference aims at building a platform for adaptation and resilience research in the region and creates synergies with actions currently conducted on proposed by other actors. The conference facilitates exchange of knowledge and ideas on science, policy and good practices related to climate change adaptation in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan (HKH) region especially in Indus-Ganges-Brahmaputra River Basins. As HI-AWARE project is in final stage of implementation, this conference has been designed to share the collective findings of the HI-AWARE project. The conference will focus on dissemination of the project results to a wider audience including policy makers, members of print and electronic media, professionals, members of academia and multi-sectoral stakeholders.

Policy makers, practitioners, public organizations, national and international NGOs, academia, researchers, and the team of HI-AWARE consortium from Pakistan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh & Wageningen University Netherlands will be participating in this conference.

This conference comprises of two technical sessions on different aspects of climate change and its adaptation. List of sessions is given below:

  1. Road to Climate Resilience
  2. Lessons for Policy Update & Bringing Research into Use Climate Change Adaptation

Please download the detailed report from here