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Implementing CBFEWS in Lal Bakaiya River Basin and dissemination of scoping findings


SG 1: Reducing Climate and Environmental Risks & Action Area A: Managing Cryosphere and Water Risk


Rautahat, Nepal

Date & Time

27 March 2023 to 28 March 2023


Shailendra Shakya & Vijay Khadgi

About the workshop

Together with our partners Small Earth Nepal and Mandvi ‘Empowering Women’, we are organising a dissemination workshop to share the findings of a scoping study for implementing Community Based Flood Early Warning Systems (CBFEWS) in the Lal Bakaiya River Basin. The Lal Bakaiya River flowing across Rautahat and Bara districts in Nepal is prone to flooding, impacting the communities living along the river. The study aims to understand the scope and assess the risk of vulnerable communities living along the river basin and determines the feasibility of implementing CBFEWS through literature review, flood modelling, field surveys, and interactions with community, government officials and other stakeholders.

The workshop will be attended by practitioners, community representatives, government officials, and disaster response agencies. The CBFEWS will be implemented encouraging strong community participation. The Transboundary Working Group (TbWG) on Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) of the Koshi Disaster Knowledge Hub will be invited to observe and advise the process.



  • Disseminate findings of the scoping study and community endorsement of the installation of CBFEWS
  • Implement CBFEWS and identify sustainability mechanism including GEDSI inclusion
  • Garner ideas on how nature-based solutions can add value to CBFEWS


Key outputs

  • CBFEWS is initiated in Lal Bakaiya River Basin
  • Capacity of local organisations and local communities built for GEDSI inclusive response planning



Participants use the GEDSI inclusive approach to build on community-based responses to flood risk management and disaster resilience.


Tentative agenda