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18 Dec 2020 | Vegetation management

Vegetable cultivation in green house

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You might know what a #greenhouse is. But did you know that you can build a low cost greenhouse for vegetable #cultivation yourself?

We demonstrate a simple structure constructed with locally available materials such as #bamboo which makes a wonderful low cost greenhouse for #vegetable cultivation!

Ultra violet (UV) film is used as cladding material and unlike conventional or hi-tech #greenhouses, no specific control device is used for regulating environmental parameters inside the greenhouse. But you can use simple techniques for increasing or decreasing the temperature and humidity. This structure is used as #rain shelter for #crop cultivation and this type of greenhouse is mainly useful in the cold climatic zones of #hills and #mountain areas of the #HKH region.

This type of greenhouse increases production and reduces crop time with uniform plant growth and an easy-to-apply drip #irrigation system for adoption where water is scarce.

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