ICIMOD Side Events - Bhutan Climate Summit 2011



Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas, Thimphu, Bhutan.

In the face of climate change, there is an urgent need for Himalayan nations to build resilience to buffer the impacts of the change and generate resources for adaptation, capacity building, and technology transfer. Such actions can no longer wait for a global agreement. In the Himalayas, where the impacts of the changing global climate are manifesting at a rapid pace, the time for action is running out. Recognising this, the Governments of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal agreed to convene the Bhutan 2011 Climate Summit to adopt and endorse a 10-year road map for adaptation to climate change in the Eastern Himalayan sub-region for ensuring food, water, and energy security while maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

More on the Bhutan Summit: http://bhutanclimatesummit.org.bt

ICIMOD Side Events

1. International Symposium

Connecting from Space to Village: Enabling Climate Policy and Actions in the Himalayas 

(17–18 November 2011)

Earth observation combined with modern geospatial tools is proving to be vital for our improved understanding of climate change, and its trends and impacts, and for predicting future scenarios. Earth observation bears a special signifi cance for remote mountainous regions with their challenging topography. A side event ’Connecting from Space to Village’ is being organised by ICIMOD, USAID, and NASA under the framework of SERVIR-Himalaya in close cooperation with the
Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bhutan, and other national and international partners. The aim is to provide a regional platform for mutual sharing and learning on the use of Earth observation and geospatial tools and technologies for improved scientific knowledge and understanding of climate change, in order to support climate policy and actions in the eastern
Himalayas. The side event will bring together summit delegates, high level offi cials from Bhutan, leading authorities, and stakeholders from the region and beyond.

2. Youth Forum

Earth Observation: Empowering Youth for Climate Actions in the Himalayas

(14–19 November 2011)

The aim of this event is to raise awareness among young people, and help them understand climate change and take appropriate actions in their local communities. The event will include 40 young people from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. A special interactive event is planned for schoolchildren from the Thimpu region on 16 November to coincide with International GIS Day.

3. Exhibition/Showcase

Connecting from Space to Village: Enabling Climate Policy and Actions in the Himalayas

(17–19 November 2011)

An exhibition of posters and demonstrations will showcase key Earth observation applications addressing climate change in the eastern Himalayan region with a particular focus on Bhutan. The applications are being developed largely within the framework of SERVIR-Himalaya, which features web-based access to satellite imagery, decision-support tools, and interactive visualisation
capabilities with the aim of providing scientists, environmental managers, and decision-makers with easy access to information. There will be a special exhibition of posters prepared by the youth participants.

4. Special Youth Event

Earth Observation: Empowering Youth for Climate Actions in the Himalayas 

Celebrating International GIS Day
(16 November 2011)

Coinciding with the Youth Forum, and to mark International GIS Day, a one-day event is being organised for schoolchildren from in and around Thimphu to familiarise them with climate change, and Earth observation tools and their use in various applications, through active, participatory, fun activities and exercises.