Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mountain Day 2011?

    On 4 December, ICIMOD, together with GIZ and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat/FAO, will organise a Mountain Day, ‘Highlighting the Critical Role of Mountain Ecosystems for Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Development’, at which a high-level panel will be assembled to highlight the value of mountains and their role in climate change adaptation and sustainable development. The panel is expected to call on COP 17 delegates and global development partners to take more concerted and long-term action to save vital mountain ecosystems from the impacts of climate change. The intention is to issue policy messages and recommendations relevant to the deliberations at COP 17.

    ICIMOD will be participating as an International Observer Organization in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17) to be held in Durban, South Africa from 28 November to 9 December 2011. Mountain Day is one of several activities that ICIMOD is organising or involved in organising. 

    Check our website regularly at for updates.

  2. Why a Mountain Day? 

    Almost 90 of the world’s countries have more than one-quarter of their territory in the mountains. More than 50% of the world’s population depends on water sourced from mountains. Mountains also provide high-quality natural products, rich agro-biodiversity, habitats for rare and endangered flora and fauna, and resources for tourism and recreation. However climate and global changes are having serious impacts on mountain ecosystem goods and services, particularly water, biodiversity, and atmospheric circulation. There is therefore an urgent need to raise awareness and promote policy actions to ensure the critical contribution of mountain ecosystems in meeting adaptation and sustainable development goals in upstream and downstream areas alike. 

    Mountain regions have experienced above-average warming in recent years, with significant implications for the ecosystem goods and services they provide to humanity, which are especially critical for the survival of poor and indigenous communities. Scenarios of climate change in mountain regions are highly uncertain and poorly understood, with large gaps in knowledge.

  3. What will happen at the Mountain Day 2011? 

    Mountain Day will assemble a high-level panel of global personalities, ministers, and scientists to advocate the value and critical role of mountains and share scientific evidence and examples of challenges and opportunities. The day-long programme will also include plenary presentations and discussions, working groups, and panel discussions. The organisers hope that Mountain Day will conclude with the adoption of the Durban Declaration on Mountains and Climate Change.

  4. What does Mountain Day 2011 aim to achieve?

    Mountain Day will call to the COP 17 delegates and global development partners for more concerted and long-term actions at the national, regional, and global levels to save vital mountain ecosystems. It is hoped that the knowledge shared and the evidence presented will provide a powerful and convincing message to ensure that UNFCCC deliberations include provisions for protecting mountain systems’ integrity for the survival of current and future generations.

  5. Who are the organisers of the Mountain Day 2011? 

    The Mountain Day event is a collaborative and partnership-based event. The main sponsors are ICIMOD and GIZ. The supporting organisations are the Mountain Partnership based at FAO, UNEP, and the World Bank. The Governments of Italy, Switzerland, and Nepal are also supporting the event.

  6. When and where will Mountain Day 2011 be held? 

    Mountain Day will be held on 4 December 2011 from 9:00 to 18:00. The venue will be: The Breakers Resort, 88 Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu Natal, 4321 | Tel: 031 561 2271

  7. What is the overall programme of Mountain Day 2011? 

    The programme for Mountain Day 2011 is provided at

  8. Who can attend Mountain Day 2011? 

    Delegates attending the UNFFCC COP 17 meeting in Durban are the targeted participants. Delegates representing the mountainous countries of the world are specifically requested to attend. However, anyone who is planning to attend any main or side/related events of COP17 and is interested in mountain issues is welcome to attend the Mountain Day 2011 event. Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements to Durban. The organisers of Mountain Day will provide local transport (clearly marked Bus Shuttle) between the COP 17 venue and selected hotels and the venue of Mountain Day on 4 December 2011. You may visit the main UNFCCC website at  for details and other pertinent information.

  9. Can a paper be presented at the Mountain Day 2011 event? 

    Presentation of papers and sharing of experiences at Mountain Day 2011 will be by invitation only; individuals will be contacted.

  10. Who can be contacted for more information on Mountain Day 2011? 

    More information is available at or contact Madhav Karki by sending a mail to:

  11. Where can more information about ICIMOD be found?

    For more information on ICIMOD, visit our website or write to