Aman Thapa

Aman Thapa, MS by Research in Glaciology

Dupandehi, Butwal, Nepal


“I was always interested in studying snow and glaciers, but it is difficult to find glaciology courses in the region. When I heard about KU’s programme, I jumped at the opportunity. It puts me in the right track to pursue a career based on my interests.” 

Aman Thapa graduated from KU’s MS by Research in Glaciology programme in December 2018. For his thesis, Thapa studied the glacier ice thickness measurement of glaciers in Tamur, Dudh Koshi, Marsyandi River basins, using surface velocity. Since it was a remote-sensing based research, he intensively worked on remote-sensing techniques and skills to use different satellite images. Thapa was the first student to study the velocity of glaciers at KU, although he did not have a wide range of samples for reference. 

Thapa believes the challenging nature of glaciology, along with the costs of such courses, are reasons for limited glaciology research and students of glaciology in Nepal. However, he hopes the increasing visibility and accessibility of new glaciology research findings can inspire more students to pursue glaciology.