DG declares design competition results


The Director General of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Dr David Molden, announced the results of the design competition for the new annexe building at the ICIMOD Headquarters on 2 August 2013.

The first prize of Rs 300,000 went to CE Services Pvt. Ltd., second prize of Rs 200,000 to Design Consultants P. Ltd. & Design, and the third prize had two winners, Kailash Pradhan Consultants and Prabal Thapa Architects, both of whom were awarded Rs 100,000 each. All the remaining entries, 10 in total, were awarded a consolation prize of Rs 15,000 each.

Early this year, ICIMOD conceived the idea of a new annexe building to create more workspace in the view of the rapidly increasing number of staff in the organization. Subsequently, an invitation for a design competition, as done in the past for the existing HQ building, was announced through the local media and the Centre’s website. Invitations were also sent to eligible architects and firms in the regional member countries. 

Some specific criteria set for the design included: innovative environment and workplace-friendly building, energy efficient design, efficient parking, and safety and emergency features.

A total of 14 design proposals, 11 from Nepal and 3 from India, were received. To maintain absolute anonymity of the designer, code numbers were assigned to each of the proposal received. The designs were displayed at the Centre and written feedback was obtained from the staff.

An evaluation panel, comprising members from the Centre’s Construction Committee and two independent architects, was formed to evaluate the architectural drawings and select the top three entries. The first round of the Panel’s meeting came up with a preliminary shortlist of five entries based on the following generic criteria: innovative design, energy efficient technology, cost effective construction, harmony with existing building, vernacular architecture, long-term maintenance, flexibility for future expansion, and internal planning. 

Following a detailed technical analysis in the second round, the Panel selected and recommended the top designs to the Centre’s Construction Committee. An event to distribute the prizes to the winners as well as other participants amid a staff function was organized at the Centre on 19 September 2013.