The proposed Kangchenjunga Landscape encompasses the southern stretches surrounding Mount Kangchenjunga (8,586m). It is one of the richest landscapes among the Himalayan biodiversity...


Participatory conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity while encouraging integrated regional economic and social development and enhancing resilience of communities at landscape level.

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Third Regional Meeting for Kangchenjunga Landscape Initiative

Third Regional Strategic Consultative Meeting on the Kangchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative


  • Prepare a feasibility assessment report, conservation strategy, and comprehensive environmental monitoring plan with a focus on long-term monitoring of conservation and development activities;
  • Prepare a Regional Cooperation Framework (RCF) for conservation and management of rich biological diversity, vibrant cultural heritage, and vital ecosystem services through transboundary ecosystem management and participatory approaches that foster human wellbeing, and; 
  • Enhance cooperation among participating countries with a common goal of conservation and sustainable development within the Landscape.
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Kangchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KLCDI)