Oshin Sharma

Research Associate BRACE
Resilient mountain economies and landscapes (SG2)
Transforming livelihoods and economies (SG2-AAC)

Oshin works as Research Associate on ICIMOD’s Green Resilient Agricultural Productive Ecosystems (GRAPE) project, which combines agricultural research and development, promoting climate resilient agriculture based on principles of agroecology.

She has expertise in food security, gender inclusion in agriculture, value chain and agroecology.

She has worked in a number of agriculture settings, including research projects, humanitarian support, development projects and private sector.

After the Nepal Earthquake, she worked as a Livelihood Officer for a respected National NGO DEPROSC Nepal, aiding in recovery and transition efforts of OXFAM. She has also conducted research in Andhra Pradesh, India, and Udayapur district, Nepal, where she independently carried out fieldwork and research activities.

Oshin Sharma

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