Finu Shrestha

Research Associate, GIS, Geospatial Solutions

My role at ICIMOD

Finu Shrestha joined ICIMOD in March 2008 as an intern in the Integrated Water and Hazards Management (IWHM) programme working on the mapping and monitoring of cryosphere and water resources. She is currently working as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Analyst in the Mountain Environment Natural Resources’ Information Systems (MENRIS) division of ICIMOD. Ms Shrestha holds a Master’s Degree in Hydrology and Meteorology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Prior to joining ICIMOD, Ms Shrestha worked as a consultant for Lifeline Laboratory and Research Center Pvt (Ltd). Her areas of interest include water resources, meteorology, climatology, GIS/remote sensing, and climate change.

Finu Shrestha

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