Bhupesh Adhikary

Senior Air Quality Specialist, Water and Air

My role at ICIMOD

Dr Bhupesh Adhikary joined ICIMOD as Air Quality Specialist on March 2014. He was born and brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has double Bachelors, in Economics and Engineering, and MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering, all from universities in the US. He is an expert in regional scale atmospheric chemical transport modeling and his work has focused on different regions of the world studying air pollutant characteristics. He has worked in many international projects such as the NASA-led ICARTT, INTEX-B, ARCTAS, CARB missions, UNEP-led ABC project and NCAR-NOAA-led PACDEX mission.

Post PhD, Bhupesh returned to Nepal and joined Kathmandu University as an assistant professor. After KU, he joined the EvK2CNR Committee as their resident scientific coordinator where he established a numerical modeling laboratory capable of providing real time weather forecasts and pollutant concentration analysis. He was also involved in the initial setting up and later daily operation of an air quality laboratory in Kathmandu measuring pollutants such as ozone, PM, black carbon. At ICIMOD, Bhupesh is working on understanding the science and mitigation aspects of air pollution in the HKH region using chemical transport models, in-situ, and satellite based observations.

Bhupesh Adhikary