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1 Jan 2020 | NEPCAT approaches

Improving terraces with farmers

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Participatory action research with multiple stakeholders for the demonstration and extension of improved rainfed hill terraces in Nepal

The traditional farming practices employed on steep sloping land in Kubinde village in Nepal’s midhills led to soil and water erosion and low crop and fodder yields. The People and Resource Dynamics in Mountain Watersheds of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas Project (PARDYP) started work in 2001, with a small group of farmers from this village (who were also members of the local forest user group) and the Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management to identify and test an integrated approach for addressing these constraints. The approach taken was an improved hill terrace for rainfed conditions consisting of structural and vegetative measures.



light green: districts in 2007

WOCAT database reference: QA NEP2

Location: Kubinde village, Jhikhu Khola watershed, Kabhrepalanchok district, Nepal

Approach area: 0.02 km2

Land use: Annual cropping

Climate: Humid subtropical

Related technology: Improved terraces, QT NEP2

Target groups: Land users, Extension workers, School teachers and children, Local leaders

Compiled by: Madhav Dhakal, ICIMOD

Date: February 2003, updated May 2007

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