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  • Incorporate green accounting in GDP calculation: experts, New Age, The Outspoken Daily (March 17, 2016) covers Mahfuz Kabir’s Dissemination workshop … Read More
  • Experts call for calculating ‘green’ GDP, The Financial Express (March 16, 2016), covers Mahfuz Kabir’s dissemination…. Read More
  • Reducing fertilizer dependency in paddy farming: Should we change our approach?, in the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka (2016-01-13) by Chatura Rodrigo… Read More
  • Climate Change Adaptation…. in the Political and Business Daily, Cuttack, India….SANDEE Research Study output by Unmesh Patnaik…Read More
  • Tathya – a leading newspaper in Bhubaneswar covers SANDEE researcher Unmesh Patnaik’s research study…. Read More
  • Poor households spend more on water, says a study by R.K. Amit… covered by The Hindu, Tamil Nadu Edition…. Read More
  • Feeling the Water Pinch, an article in City Express, Chennai based on SANDEE study by R. K. Amit…. Read More
  • Impact of price on the organic rice farming sector in Sri Lanka, Daily FT, by Chatura Rodrigo…. Read more
  • ‘Tackling the heat wave’, Pakistan Today by Saudamini Das, Priya Shyamsundar and Saleem Shaikh… Read More
  • Nepal, M. (2015, May 26). Addressing the housing needs of earthquake victims. Setopati….. Read more
  • Bhardwaj, B. (2015), ‘Increasing use of Plastic Bag: Problem and solution’, Sambridhi Monthly (Print Media) Volume 3; Kathmandu
  • Bharadwaj, B. (2015, April 14), Political economy of plastic bags ban. Karobar Daily…
  • ‘Tackling the heat wave’, Pamir Times, by Saudamini Das, Priya Shyamsundar and Saleem Shaikh… Read More
  • Pakistan and India ‘unprepared’ for heatwaves, by Saudamini Das, Priya Shyamsundar and Saleem Shaikh … Read More
  • Restoring Sagar to its Pristine Glory, an article by Prajna and Priya in the Hans India…… Read More
  • Nathan, H. S. (2014, December 29), Energy Conservation Day: Symbolism doesn’t pay. The Pioneer…. Read More
  • R. Gupta and E. Somanthan (2012), ‘The right alternative’, Hindustan Times…….Read more
  • K. Goswami (2012),’Low returns forcing farmers to abandon jatropha’, The Assam Tribune……Read more
  • N. Adhikari (2012),’ Air pollution and human health in Kathmandu Valley’, Public Health Perspective, Online Newsletter……Read more
  • Mangan, T, R. Brouwer, H.D. Lohano and G.M. Nangraj, (2012) ‘Estimating the recreational value of Pakistan’s largest freshwater lake to support sustainable tourism management using a travel cost model.’ Journal of Sustainable Tourism….. Read more
  • Santadas Ghosh, 2010, ‘Islanders turn refugees of hope’, The Times of India (Kolkata edition) 25th May, 2010…… Read more
  • Santadas Ghosh, 2010, Resilience of Man and Nature- Infochange News and Features, July 2010…. Read more
  • K. Bakhsh (2009), ‘Growing BT Cotton: Merits and Demerits’, The Dawn Newspaper….. Read more

  • Click Ittefaq’s Bangla version published a news about Mahfuz Kabir’s SANDEE project Dissemination Workshop on March 21, 2016…Read More
  • Bharadwaj, B. (22- 28 Chaitra, 2071), Thunga ma pharkinae bela…Read More

  • SANDEE- a short video presented at NCSE, January, 2013, Washington DC…. Watch
  • SANDEE and SDPI co-organised a panel on “Environmental Compliance and the Textile Industry in South Asia” at the 7th Sustainable Development Conference, Islamabad, Pakistan (December 7-11, 2014). Presenters included, Kinkini Hemachandra, Waseem Gulzar, Muhammad Khan and a number of policy makers. The textile and garment sector is an important labor intensive industrial sector in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. The sector provides employment to millions but also contributes to both water and air pollution. Researchers from SANDEE discuss this issue in this short documentary produced by SDPI Television during 7th SDC Conference. Watch


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