River Basins and Cryosphere

Working together to promote best practices in Integrated River Basin Management in the HKH

We’re joining hands with Alluvium, Griffith University , International Water Centre (IWC), with funding support from Australian Water Partnership, to help facilitate best practices in Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) across different river basins in the Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH). We plan to do this by training mid-level and senior practitioners across the HKH region through trainings on “Multi-scale Integrated River Basin Management from the Himalayan perspective”. Through this training, we are aiming to build knowledge and capacity of practitioners in planning and implementing the IRBM approach in their respective work areas. The team convened for an inception workshop on 15 July 2021 for the two trainings planned in 2021 and 2022.

The partnership aims to recognize existing gaps through the experiences of the training recipients and equip professionals with skills and knowledge to fill these gaps. Our partner, Brian McIntosh, Education Director at AWP notes, “We are looking to upscale professionals so that they are able to bring change in the respective basins.”

IRBM is an integrated approach that takes into account sustainable use of water and land resources for livelihoods, the related ecosystems, and disaster risk reduction (DRR), all from a gender and socio-economic perspective. It not only considers the water within the system, but also places emphasis on the entire range of users and drivers.