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Bhutan Education and Technology Academy Park

The Bhutan Education and Technology Academy (BETA) Park Pvt. Ltd. is a self-sustaining community thriving on creativity, inclusivity, innovation, diversity, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration through mindfully deploying appropriate technologies for education and life-long learning of people from all walks of life.

REEECH is partnering with BETA Park to develop an aggregator for green tourism businesses to improve access to market and services for equitable development. The digital aggregator will bring together green tourism businesses in a single platform to promote the businesses. This platform includes green accommodations, homestays, green experiences, transportation, products, and green enterprises that create and develop eco-friendly products or services.

Gross National Happiness Commission

REEECH collaborated with the Gross National Happiness Commission, Royal Government of Bhutan, for the deployment of renewable energy technology to mitigate human−wildlife conflict in selected Kanchenjunga Landscape sites of Bhutan. Electric/solar powered fences have proven to be a successful crop protection measure to manage human−wildlife conflict and secure the livelihoods of rural communities in Bhutan. Therefore, with support from REEECH, the Nature Conservation Division under the Department of Forests and Park Services will pilot electric fencing at six locations: Gebring Tar, Darla, Sombaykha, Gakiling, Tshento, and Haatoe.


Netscribes is a global data and insights firm which uses data to meet the sales, marketing, innovation, and customer engagement needs of some of the world’s largest organizations. It has helped both Fortune 500 companies as well as high-potential startups to leverage data to tackle disruption, understand evolving customers, and accelerate business growth. REEECH is collaborating with Netscribes to conduct market analysis on the potential demand and supply for the digital aggregator/platform that will be used to aggregate green tourism products and services and business developments in the HKH region, using Nepal and Ladakh as case studies.

SELCO Foundation

SELCO Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to bridge the gap in high-risk innovation and ecosystem development for underserved communities by using philanthropic capital. It seeks to inspire and implement socially, financially, and environmentally inclusive solutions by improving access to sustainable energy. REEECH in partnership with SELCO Foundation aims to develop entrepreneurial ecosystems by contextualizing innovative and socially, technically, and financially sustainable models that address climate change and support the sustainability of small and micro enterprises using renewable energy.

Mid-West University

Mid-West University is an autonomous and public institution of higher learning with the mission to serve the people of Nepal and enrich the global learning community.

REEECH in collaboration with Mid-West University is developing a comprehensive framework to establish a baseline for micro, small, and medium enterprises operating in the tourism, energy, and agriculture sectors, considering greenhouse gas emissions, socioeconomic, gender equity, and social inclusion components. This framework is intended to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and tap potential renewable energy solutions.

Nabil Investment Bank

Nabil Investment Bank (or Nabil Invest) is a financial institution based in Nepal which provides financial solutions and advice to individuals and corporate clients worldwide. Nabil Invest’s strategy builds on the strengths of all its businesses and focuses its efforts on areas in which it excels, while seeking to capitalize on the compelling growth prospects in the businesses and regions in which it operates, in order to generate attractive and sustainable returns for its stakeholders.

REEECH in collaboration with Nabil Invest is developing a framework to assess the return on investment in climate-resilient micro, small, and medium enterprises. This framework can act as a standard model to assess financial, social, environmental, and economic returns. This framework will support entrepreneurs in the design of climate-resilient businesses and investors to assess the return on investment from climate-resilient businesses.

Nepal Communitere

Nepal Communitere is a women-led Nepali not-for-profit organization that provides business incubation services to help innovators and entrepreneurs convert ideas into reality. Nepal Communitere provides a rigorous and comprehensive support system for early-stage startups so that they can integrate renewable energy solutions into their business, improve the quality of their products and services, test and vet their business models, increase sales and revenues, create new jobs, and access finance. REEECH collaborated with Nepal Communitere to develop an innovative business model for Nepal’s tourism sector by adopting renewable energy and energy-efficient approaches and solutions.

Partner News
Sunfarmer Nepal

SunFarmer Nepal Pvt. Ltd is a social enterprise which is a subsidiary of SunFarmer USA, a non-profit social enterprise based in New York, USA. Sunfarmer Nepal is an integrated service provider that introduces innovative solar energy solutions for rural and urban Nepal.

REEECH in partnership with Sunfarmer Nepal aims to deliver comprehensive knowledge of the solar water pump system to delegates from Bhutan and other ICIMOD Regional Member Countries by conducting virtual training sessions on the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of the system.

International Renewable Energy Agency 

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organization working to support countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future. It serves as the principal platform for international cooperation; as a centre of excellence; and as a repository of policy, technology, resource, and financial knowledge on renewable energy. REEECH is collaboratively working with IRENA and SELCO Solar Lights to develop a technical and financial viability analysis of decentralized renewable energy solutions for buckwheat, potato, vegetable, and yak value chains.