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20 Apr 2021 | Announcements

Mountain Research and Development Vol 40, No 3 available online and open access

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Photo credit: Marc Ventura

Articles in this open issue focus on concepts and strategies for preserving open spaces in the European Alps; residents’ versus visitors’ knowledge and valuation of aquatic mountain ecosystems in the Catalan Pyrenees; growth and nutritional risks of children at high elevations in Nepal; the suranga traditional groundwater irrigation system in India’s Western Ghats; a new form of localist environmentalism developing within the anti-mini-hydro movement in the Italian Alps; the distribution and growth of glacial lakes and risks of outburst floods in the Kyrgyz Range; the impact of climate change on alpine vegetation in China’s Hengduan Mountains; and sustainable solid waste management in Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) National Park and Buffer Zone, Nepal.

The issue is available online and open access:

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MRD Editorial Office, University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment

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