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29 Apr 2020 | Announcements

Mountain Research and Development Vol 39, No 3 available online and open access

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In this open issue, a MountainDevelopment paper presents effective ways of supporting girls’ education in rural Nepal.

Papers in the MountainResearch section provide a characterization of forest fires on the slopes of Mount Kenya to help improve fire management; show how commercial medicinal plant collection is transforming high-altitude livelihoods in Nepal and offers a way out of poverty; explore the critical role of forest use practices in landscape hydrology in Nepal’s Mid-hills; and examine regional variations in vegetation patterns on landslides in the snowy mountains of central Japan.

Two MountainAgenda papers propose a multiscale transdisciplinary framework for advancing the sustainability agenda of mountain agricultural systems in the Hindu Kush Himalaya and globally, as well as a strategy for integrated monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services in high mountain ecosystems such as Colombia’s tropical Andes.

The issue is available online and open access:

Note that Vol 39, No 4 is starting to fill up as well:

Read about the journal’s section policies, guidelines and submission procedure at:

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MRD Editorial Office, University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment

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