Media contact

ICIMOD works to ensure that all media requests are directed to the ICIMOD resource person(s) with the most relevant expertise and competency in the field of a media person’s interest. To do this ICIMOD requests that all media enquiries, including requests for interviews, are first directed to the Knowledge Management and Communication  (KMC)  staff  to further identify the appropriate researcher. For any enquiries please contact us at:


Phone: 1 5275222 (Ext: 115)

Maintaining our integrity

Below are some examples of treatments to avoid when working with the logo.

Do not place the color logo on a pattern


Do not place the logo on an angle.


Do not change the colors of the logo


Do not stretch the logo
Do not add a drop shadow or filter effect
Do not add to or delete elements in the logo

ICIMOD guideline pdf file

M Symbol

The M symbol can be presented in one of the primary brand colors. In addition, the symbol can be presented in white against a branded color box. Symbols can be used at the bottom corner of interior spreads of a publication with the folio.

The spacing rules for the logo remain the same when using the “M” symbol. The spacing around the “M”, at a minimum, should be the height of the interior of  the ICIMOD “O”.