Value chain analysis of honey

Currently, the value chain analysis of honey/ beekeeping work in Bangladesh is being carried out in collaboration with ECo Development, Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh; in Bhutan with Renewable Natural Resources Research and Development Centre, Jakar, Bumthang; Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan; and Aga Khan Rural Support Programme Chitral (AKRSP-Chitral), Chitral Pakistan.

The main purpose of conducting the value chain analyses has been “to identify equitable and sustainable upgrading strategies with particular focus on gender aspects” for 1) securing benefit to local communities and support the development of rural livelihoods in the context of socio-economic and climate change; and 2) contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem assets and services in mountain areas where beekeeping and fruit crops have come up as potential sustainable livelihoods options that will diversify current income sources and contribute to resilience. The objectives have been to support Apis cerana beekeepers in generating income from producing high value niche honey; and, as the countries are promoting cash crops farming particularly horticultural crops, where beekeeping plays a vital role of pollination, opportunity has been be taken to raise awareness about the importance of beekeeping for production of fruit and vegetable crops. Lastly, the information generated is being used to make a case for demonstrating – through different Pilots – and subsequently up scaling through concerned government or non-government organizations for promoting Apis cerana beekeeping as one of the livelihood improvement strategies.