Programme Component

Water Hazards

The Hindu Kush Himalayan region is prone to different types of hazards that can seriously affect the lives and livelihoods of people living in both the mountains and the floods plains.


This component intends to reduce the risk and vulnerability of communities and infrastructure in the Koshi basin to water hazards and climate extremes through enhanced capacity development and the implementation of appropriate institutional frameworks for social and gender-sensitive policies and practices and improved transboundary cooperation in early warning systems.


  • Koshi basin flood and drought information system developed as a part of the parent Koshi web-based information system to facilitate the sharing of data on the spatial and temporal prevalence of water related hazards
  • Hazard assessment using historical and project-generated data to reduce hazard risk and improve scenario analysis and mapping with a special emphasis on glacial lake outburst floods
  • Case studies on good practices in water-related disaster risk management and the management of water-related hazards as well as information on their underlying causes
  • Capacity building plan outlining the training and capacity building required to help mandated government agencies and other relevant actors implement Koshi basin development plans with the inclusion of a hazard mitigation component

Strategic approach

  • Develop a  common criteria and framework for holistic hazard, risk, and vulnerability assessment and data sharing
  • Create a regional platform with three national governments for cooperation in hazard management activities in the Koshi basin
  • Study and analyse national policies and regional and bilateral agreements to advocate and promote favourable amendments for basin-wide hazard mitigation
  • Jointly develop a socially and gender-inclusive resilience and adaptation framework


Synthesis report on the spatial and temporal prevalence of floods and drought; hazard assessment analysis reports; basin-level case studies on risk management; a road map of activities to improve hazard risk reduction in the future in the Koshi basin.