Programme Component

Knowledge Base

The systematic management of data and information is prerequisite for the implementation of any project. This component is intended to improved access to and use of a basin-wide knowledge base on change drivers, their impact on freshwater ecosystem services and integrated responses.



  • A continuously updated basin-wide knowledge base, decision support system and a web-based information sharing platform to support river basin management; and
  • A thematic baseline report on the institutional, socio-economic and bio-physical characteristics of the Koshi basin including current adaptive capacity and strategies.

Strategic approach

  • Koshi Knowledge network – Anchored within a common baseline assessment framework the KBP will work with partners to collect and collate data and information on the following key themes: Climate Change, Water Resources, Land Resources, Socioeconomics, Environment and Policy and institutional setting; and
  • Web based information system – for systematic storage, retrieval, exchange and analysis of relevant information (e.g. documents, atlases, data, maps, etc.) and from where users can get information from and contribute to it from different locations based on agreed data exchange mechanism.


Web-based river basin information system containing baseline data and information of the Koshi river basin.