Programme Component

Integrated Responses

This component intends to pull together the results of all other components to improve understanding for an integrated response to the challenges of effective management of the Koshi basin.

Programme Component Integrated Responses

It intends to develop a strategic roadmap for basin-wide, water-related investment building on the outputs of previous components, and, supported by policy and institutional analysis, it will encourage cooperation through early stakeholder engagement and capacity building and inclusive river basin management approaches.


  • Improved understanding of the existing sustainable development policy framework
  • Improved understanding of institutional arrangements across multiple scales in the Koshi basin concerning implementation of integrated water resource management principles and access to ecosystem services by?vulnerable communities
  • Recommendations for more inclusive river basin management approaches considering ?gender and inequality issues and their linkages to drivers of change
  • Capacity development to promote institutional up-take and technical and professional?development
  • Development of river basin and land use management guidelines and a strategic roadmap for water-related investment in the Koshi basin

Strategic approach

  • Policy and institutional analysis, promotion of regional cooperation, and capacity building for adopting the integrated river basin management approach.