Programme Component

Climate Water Agriculture Hydropower

Sectors dependent on water resources are the most vulnerable to global climate change. Climate change may adversely affect the spatial and temporal distribution of water resources, producing serious implications for the agriculture and hydropower sectors.


This component emphasizes a regionally coordinated approach to water resource development as well as the promotion and adoption of community practices guided by the sharing of information and tools that consider linkages between climate, hydrology, agriculture, and hydropower by both governments and communities to enhance energy and food security in the Koshi basin.


  • Downscaled climate scenarios for sub-basins and catchments; a comprehensive hydrological model; decision support system; options for agriculture and hydropower development under different hydro-climatic scenarios

Strategic approach

  • Align the project with basin development planning by engaging multiple stakeholders in the programme and conducting capacity building activities
  • Advocate the importance of collecting additional data for multiple purposes and adding value to the data collected with key stakeholders
  • Engage key people from regional countries in the model development


Information on climate variability and change; time series data on climate scenarios; hydro-agriculture-economic models leading to agricultural and energy adaptation options and decision support systems