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Initiative goal

Increased data and information sharing and uptake of good practices on water disaster risk reduction across the region

Regional Programme

River Basins and Cryosphere

Mandira Shrestha

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Programme Coordinator

Our Focus

Tackling water disaster risks through regional collaboration

The HKH is considered one of the most complex, dynamic, and fragile mountain systems in the world, extremely sensitive to the effects of climate change and prone to natural hazards.

Hi-RISK provides a regional platform for sharing data, information, and good practices on water disaster risk reduction; managing water-induced hazards in river basins; and building institutional and human capacity for disaster risk communication, preparedness, and response. It seeks to address water disaster risk reduction by engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, including relevant government agencies, disaster management authorities, and at-risk communities.


Hi-RISK contributes to the achievement of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030 and Sendai targets related to reducing disaster risks, building resilience, promoting local solutions, and fostering inclusion.

Report summary

Summary of the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment report

This HKH Assessment Report comprehensively assesses the current state of knowledge of the HKH region, increase the understanding of various drivers of change and their impacts, address critical data gaps and develop a set of evidence-based and actionable policy solutions and recommendations. Read the summary of the report for an overview of its findings.

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Around the HKH

Hi-RISK in the news

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For mountains and people

We have a deep history of work across a broad range of issues enabling sustainable development in the complex environment of the HKH. We have been protecting the pulse for over three decades.


Snow is part of the world’s cryosphere, a word that traces its origins to the Greek word kryos, or frost, and is an important part of the climate system.

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Glacial lake

A glacial lake outburst flood, or GLOF, is sudden release of water from a lake fed by glacier melt that has formed at the side, in front, within, beneath or on the surface of a glacier.

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Our involvement


HYCOS User Phase, a project under the Hi-RISK Initiative, recognizes that water is not only the single most important resource for life but also a potential source of catastrophic hazards.


Meet the team

Both internally and externally, our multicultural staff and partners are our greatest asset. They provide us with a broad perspective across disciplines and offer us localized knowledge like no other.

Meet the team
Meet the team