Bhutan Summit

The countries sharing the HKH region have realised that climate change is a shared problem and that adaptation is a regional agenda that demands a holistic and intersectoral approach.

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The Climate Summit for Living Himalayas – Bhutan 2011, to be held on 14 October 2011, is a pioneer action towards building a regional approach to climate change adaptation in the HKH. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal will participate and adopt the a 10-year Regional Adaptation Plan of Action.

The key thematic concerns to be addressed by the adaptation plan are ensuring food security; water security; energy security; and biodiversity persistence.

The Summit is intended to bring clear insight to developing regional policy options that facilitate the adaptation of vulnerable systems in the Eastern Himalayas and also reverse the trend of increasing vulnerability.

Activity updates
  • ICIMOD is providing technical backstopping and strategic support to the Bhutan Climate Summit Secretariat. In August 2010, ICIMOD co-organised an inception workshop with Bhutan Climate Summit Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to identify key issues and priorities with regard to climate change adaptation in the Eastern Himalayas, foster partnerships and networking to facilitate sharing of information and experiences and to set the stage for the Bhutan Climate Summit.
  • ICIMOD is providing technical support in preparing the national and regional road map of biodiversity and freshwater for the Summit.
  • A workshop on developing regional road map on biodiversity was organised in Thimpu, Bhutan on 12-13 July 2011.
  • A workshop on developing regional road map on freshwater was organised in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 2-3 July 2011.
  • ICIMOD is providing technical support to the Government of Nepal in organising the regional meeting for developing road map for energy sector.