HI-AWARE team leaders

Team Leaders


Co-Principal Investigator, HI-AWARE, The Netherlands

Dr Biemans, Researcher Global Water Resources at Wageningen University, Utrecht Area, Netherlands. She is affiliated with the Climate Change and Adaptive Land and Water Management Division of Alterra. Her areas of expertise are climate change and hydrology.


Co-Principal Investigator, HI-AWARE, Pakistan

Dr Ahmad, Climate Change & Geo-Informatics Programme Leader at The Climate Change, Alternate Energy and Water Resources Institute of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (CAEWRI-PARC) specializes in climate change and hydrology.


Co-Principal Investigator, HI-AWARE , Bangladesh

Dr Syed, Fellow, The Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), and Co-Director, Nansen-Bangladesh International Centre for Coastal, Ocean and Climate Studies (NABIC), leads research projects on global and regional climate modeling, environment and ecosystem analysis, coastal modelling, and impact studies


Co-Principal Investigator, HI-AWARE, India

Ms Bhadwal, Associate Director, Earth Sciences and Climate Change Division, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), leads research activities in the area of climate change, focusing mainly on impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation assessments and works in close association with communities.


Programme Coordinator, ICIMOD – HI-AWARE and Co-Principle Investigator, HI-AWARE

Dr Prakash joined ICIMOD as the Programme Coordinator of HI-AWARE in April 2014. He has a PhD in Social/Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.


Principal Investigator and Project Leader, HI-AWARE

Dr Philippus (Flip) Wester, Chief Scientist Water Resources Management at the ICIMOD since March 2013, is a water resources management and governance expert with 20 years of experience in developing, managing and implementing research, capacity building and education programmes in