Madhav Prasad Dhakal

4 Jan 2023 Water
Adapting to water scarcity through watershed conservation

[caption id="attachment_46792" align="alignnone" width="1430"] Nibuwa-Tankhuwa Watershed, Dhankuta, Eastern Nepal (Photo credit: ...

22 Mar 2022 Water and air
Himalayan springs and groundwater: Making the invisible visible

For Anita Rai, the only source of drinking water is Dokung Dhara – a spring that is an hour’s ...

11 May 2017 Voices from the field
Women benefit most from rainwater harvesting systems at community level in Himalica pilot villages in Myanmar

Pilot project activities focusing on rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems implemented by the Support to Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation ...

19 Apr 2017 Voices from the field
Water quality improvement options being explored in Himalica pilot sites in Myanmar

Training sessions were conducted in three different locations over the course of three days where 110 villagers, fifty percent of ...