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HUC Online Course Series

Water–energy–food nexus: Adaptive response to regional Hindu Kush Himalayan challenges



Date & Time

19 May 2020 to 04 June 2020




This online course provides participants with conceptual understanding and applied knowledge on water, energy, and food systems, with an emphasis on development in the Hindu Kush Himalaya. Drawing on the experience of the instructor Prof. Christopher Scott (Director of the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona, USA; and ICIMOD Mountain Chair 2020–22) and globally recognized experts, the interactive course will showcase new insights into the water–energy–food nexus.

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Programme focus

The seminar will address the following list of topics:

  • Energy futures to meet agricultural and urban water demand
  • Water resource needs for power generation using conventional fuels and renewables
  • Implications and role of water and agriculture in the emerging carbon-neutral economy
  • Comparative energy- and water-based perspectives on efficiency and conservation, and co-production of research and policy making on water, energy, and food

Thus, seminar participants will learn about physical and social science approaches to water management and policy.

Who is this course for?

The course is most suitable for the following audiences. However, if you don’t fit into any of the following categories but still feel you too can benefit from the course, please do apply and we will consider your application.

  • Advanced graduate students (Master’s or PhD) and faculty members from HUC universities
  • Mid-career government officials of water, irrigation, energy, electricity, food and agriculture departments, as well as regulatory bodies
  • Mid-career level staff of NGOs, INGOs, development agencies
  • Scientific attachés of relevant embassies and foreign ministries
  • Mid-career researchers and officers from research/consulting companies working on water-energy-food nexus related themes.
Programme schedule

The following is a list of provisional topics and speakers. All sessions will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:00–11:00 am Nepal Standard Time (UTC+05:45).

Date Programme
19 May 2020 
Welcome, course overview, water–energy–food nexus concept and applications – Christopher Scott, University of Arizona, USA
Water–energy–food nexus in the Hindu Kush Himalaya – Golam Rasul, ICIMOD, Nepal
21 May 2020 
Managing groundwater in the Gangetic Plains requires a water–energy–food nexus approach – Aditi Mukherji, IWMI, India
Feedback, Q&A with participants; identification of water–energy–food nexus cases
26 May 2020 
Water–energy–food nexus in Africa – Michael Jacobson, Pennsylvania State University, USA
River basin development in the Andes – Christopher Scott, University of Arizona, USA
28 May 2020 
Water–energy–food nexus in Pakistan – Afreen Siddiqi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
The water-energy-food nexus: A systematic review of methods for nexus assessment (Arica Crootof, Montana Western Univ., USA; and Tamee Albrecht, Univ. Arizona, USA)
2 June 2020 
Hydro-energy cooperation in the Bangladesh–Bhutan–India–Nepal region: Prospects for transboundary energy and water security in South Asia – Padmendra Shrestha, University of Arizona, USA, and Udisha Saklani, University of Cambridge, UK
Regional connectivity and cross-border energy trade in the BBIN region: Implications for sustainable mountain development – Ramesh Vaidya, ICIMOD, Nepal 
4 June 2020
Water-energy-food nexus and the Hindu Kush – Himalaya Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Philippus Wester, ICIMOD, Nepal
Course synthesis and closing remarks – Christopher Scott, University of Arizona, USA


How to register

Please click on the ‘ENROLL’ button on this page to register your interest in the course and let us know about your motivation to join the course. If you face any difficulty accessing the form, please write to huc@icimod.org mentioning the nature of the problem.

We will reach out only to shortlisted and selected participants through email with further instructions to join the course.

Please note that enrolling into the course would require your commitment to attend at least 4 sessions from the schedule. Participants attending all 6 sessions will be eligible to receive a digital certificate.


The event is being organized by HUC in partnership with Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona.

HUC – an initiative under ICIMOD’s Regional Programme on Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks (MKAN) – has a mandate to develop an effective, sustainable network of universities in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region in collaboration with academic, research, and knowledge-generating and exchange institutions both within and outside the HKH region. HUC currently consists of 76 full members from eight HKH countries and 17 associate members from other parts of the world.

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