Dr. Wishfully Mylliemngap

HUC Fellow 2018, Scientist
G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment

North-East Regional Centre, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Since the HUC Academy 2018, I have been dedicatedly working on improving my communication and leadership skills. I have been organizing training programmes at my institute and have given presentations at various national and international events. Learning from sessions on scientific writing, I have conducted a session on the basics in scientific writing at our institute for students and research scholars from local colleges, universities, and research institutes. The academy has helped me boost my confidence, accept feedback positively, and effectively coordinate with project partners.
“My experience at the academy has not just helped me apply knowledge in real life scenarios and but has persuaded us to work with passion for the welfare of climate change vulnerable communities of the HKH.”


Iqtidar Hussain

HUC Fellow 2018, Lecturer
Department of Environmental Sciences, KIU Gilgit Pakistan

“I feel that my highest achievement from the HUC course was the chance to build strong networks.” Through this academy, I connected with some renowned research scientists from different countries in the field of climate science and adaptation. This opportunity also led to the formation of a partnership between Karakoram International University and ICIMOD for research on Pakistan’s glaciers.

Through the contacts developed from HUC trainings, I received and completed my research project through mobility grant at university of Fribourg Switzerland and currently resuming work at Department of Environmental Science KIU.


Zainab Khalid

HUC Fellow 2018, PhD Scholar
College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou University, China

Being a fellow of the HUC Academy helped strengthen my theoretical base, and the fieldwork immensely enhanced my research skills. I learnt to be mindful of minute details, like the weather and culture, for planning the fieldwork. The academy also allowed me to practice the art of effective communication, ethical interaction, and patient listening. All this prepared me for when I set out to collect qualitative data for my own PhD. I could comfortably manage working alone in the field for more than two months in the Western Himalaya, Pakistan.

I must say that being an HUC fellow helped me a great deal in my professional and personal life. Luckily, I found this platform at the start of my professional career. “My participation gave me an immediate sense of belonging and aided me in discovering my passion for research in the Himalayas.” I connected with the right people whose work guided me in my own research and motivated me to produce quality work myself.