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Writeshop on the Sustainable Mountain Education Task Force




Park Village, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date & Time

26 February 2020 to 28 February 2020


Achala Sharma


The Sustainable Mountain Education Task Force (previously called the Sustainable Mountain Development Curriculum Building Task Force) was formed in 2018 to achieve the Himalayan University Consortium’s (HUC) “Regional collaboration in education and training for SMD in the HKH” strategic goal.

HUC is accordingly hosting a two-day writeshop of the Task Force to develop and refine HUC’s Sustainable Mountain Education Strategy. The writeshop will lead to a detailed proposal for follow-up of the Task Force and/or SME Working Group for 2020–2021.

Expected outcomes
  1. A refined draft of HUC’s Sustainable Mountain Education Strategy
  2. A proposal for continuation of the Task Force and/or SME Working Group for 2020–2021 with concrete action plans 

The event is being organized by HUC and financed by ICIMOD.

HUC – an initiative under ICIMOD’s Regional Programme on Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks (MKAN) – has its mandate in developing an effective, sustainable network of universities in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region in collaboration with academic, research, and knowledge-generating and exchange institutions both within and outside the HKH region. HUC currently consists of 76 full members from eight HKH countries and 17 associate members from other parts of the world.


Seven core members, two co-leads, and three invited scholars will participate in the writeshop.  

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