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Online writeshop

Writeshop for the edited book Climate Change and Community Resilience: Insights from South Asia



Date & Time

08 October 2020 to 11 October 2020


Mani Nepal & Neesha Pradhan

About the book

This book documents how communities in South Asia are building their resilience to climate change. At a time when climate change presents humanity with an uncertain and gloomy future, the stories of innovation, creativity, grassroots engagement, and locally applicable solutions documented in this book provide hope and pathways for sustainability. The narrative style of writing makes the volume accessible to a diverse audience.

South Asia is the most impacted region of the world to climate change – both in terms of fatalities and economic losses that occurred between 1998 and 2017. This book documents community-level initiatives from seven countries in South Asia, highlighting how communities have been working to deal with climate changes. Readers will get a glimpse of community efforts at climate change adaptation and community resilience from countries in South Asia. This book also addresses the Sustainable Development Goals linked to community initiatives. It thus provides a community-based approach to solving some of the grand challenges that face humanity in a bottom–up approach. The book will be published in 2021.

About the writeshop

SANDEE, East West University (Bangladesh), Goa University (India), and Oberlin College (USA) are jointly organizing a four-day writeshop for authors who are contributing to the edited book Climate Change and Community Resilience: Insights from South Asia. This writeshop will bring together more than 50 contributing authors to present and discuss their papers. The writeshop will help authors to better align their contributions to the book’s theme. The book will consist of over 28 chapters with case studies from seven South Asian countries.


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