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Workshop on integrating gender into Bhutan’s plans and programmes


Thimpu , Bhutan

Date & Time

24 April 2019 to 26 April 2019


The Resilient Mountain Solutions (RMS) Initiative is committed to addressing gender inequalities in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region by building institutional capacities and developing gender responsive and transformative programmes and policies through focused capacity building on gender analysis and gender integrated planning. As part of this commitment, a three-day extensive capacity building workshop will be conducted with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan, to mainstream and integrate gender issues into the country’s 12th Five-Year Plan and programmes.


Twenty-one participants will attend the training from the Department of Agriculture; Department of Forests and Park Services; Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives; Department of Livestock; National Biodiversity Centre; Policy and Planning Division; Human Resource Division-Directorate Services; Bhutan Agricultural Food Regulatory Authority; National Organic Program; RNR-Statistical Division; and District Agriculture Officers from five Dzongkhags districts.


The main aim of the workshop is to offer a course that would help the participants to understand and apply concepts and tools for gender analysis to gather gender-sensitive data and translate the available information into actionable plans through a systematic planning process.

The first day of the workshop will introduce the key gender concepts and the gender analysis framework to the participants. Day two will be dedicated to applying gender analysis to the problem/rationale of project logframes. The final day will be focused on integrating results of problem analysis into the existing goals/objectives (impacts, outcomes, outputs) of the project logframes.

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