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Field visits

Spring Recharge Interventions in Dailekh


Dailekh, Nepal

Date & Time

13 June 2016 to 18 June 2016

ICIMOD and HELVETAS visited Dailekh for implementing recharge measures as per the outcome of the hydrogeological investigations in Dailekh.  Five springs were shortlisted for the application of recharge measures for springshed management. The following criteria were adopted jointly by partners (ICIMOD, HELVETAS, SOSEC and SAC) for prioritizing springs for the implementation of spring recharge measures.

  • Springs with greater numbers of household and/or population dependency.
  • Discharge amount of springs (June 2015– May 2016).
  • Feasibility of implementing revival measures.
  • Availability of land for revival activities.
  • Social construction, the likelihood of obtaining local support, etc.

During field visits, it was observed that different land use types fall under the identified recharge zones of prioritized springs. Accordingly, negotiations with land owners in local communities were held to sort out feasible recharge techniques from among those recommended by hydrogeological investigation for different land uses, with their benefits and limitations. The outcome of this effort was that four springs were finalized for revival activities, mainly by applying non-structural vegetative measures as most of the identified recharge areas are privately owned.