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Second workshop on ‘Hindu Kush Himalayas monitoring and assessment programme (HIMAP): Action to sustain global asset’


Thimpu, Bhutan

Date & Time

04 February 2015 to 06 February 2015


ICIMOD is coordinating a publication of the ‘Comprehensive Assessment of the HKH Region: Action to sustain Global Asset’ which addresses a critical data gap identified in the IPCC Assessment Report 4 in 2007, will be a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of knowledge in the HKH region, understanding various drivers of change and their impacts, and a set of practically oriented policy recommendations. It will involve a broad and diverse group of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, and culminate in a major publication of an international publishing house in 2019. Our thinking has evolved away from a “one-off” assessment to more of an ongoing process, with the 2019 publication being the first of a series of assessments that we hope can happen every few years.


Objective of the event

This workshop will focus on the thematic areas of Drivers of Change. There will be an overlap of this workshop with the Himalaya-Third Pole Circle meeting with the initiative of the President of Iceland, being organized by The Royal Government of Bhutan, ICIMOD, The Skoll Global Threats Fund and the Climate Research Foundation. Since the HIMAP is being connected to the ‘Himalayan Circle’ as technical inputs, the technical experts attending the assessment meeting will be able to liaise and dialogue with policy makers joining the ‘Himalayan Circle’ meeting. An outcome of the second HIMAP workshop will also be presented at the high-level meeting.