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Resilient Mountain Solutions: Inception Workshop

The Resilient Mountain Solutions (RMS) initiative aims to enhance the resilience of women and men of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) to socioeconomic and environmental changes, including climate change. It intends to do so by rolling out, in Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal, a comprehensive approach based on a framework that integrates climatic, socio-economic and future resilience through collaboration with various partners, piloting and field demonstrations of resilient solution packages, knowledge generation, capacity building, strategic communications and engagement, and out- and upscaling.


Adaptation and Resilience Building, RMS


ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date & Time

17 December 2018 to 19 December 2018

Together with potential partners, ICIMOD has identified key areas of intervention in Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal through scoping missions. The inception workshop will provide an opportunity to work with selected country partners to develop their time-bound regional roadmap and country-specific plans, along with a shared understanding of a vision, a theory of change, and impact pathways for RMS.

RMS also intends to leverage funding to expand its work to Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan through peer-to-peer learning and capacity building and by developing and implementing context-specific solutions.


The overall objective of the inception workshop is to develop regional and country-specific roadmaps for RMS.

Expected outcomes
  • A shared vision on RMS
  • Country-specific Theory of Change (ToC) and impact pathways for RMS
  • Key areas of intervention at regional and country levels
  • Partners’ country-specific action plan for 2019 and work plan for the next three years

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