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Resilient entrepreneurship in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: The larger impacts of locally led adaptation

ICIMOD at the Global Gobeshona Conference 2021


Small and medium enterprises are a lifeline for the millions of small farmers, artisans, and others who are directly dependent on the natural resources of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). These enterprises, which make up around 95% of the private sector in the HKH, are extremely vulnerable to climate change and other shocks (such as the recent global pandemic) that severely impact the life and livelihoods of mountain people. There is an urgent need to build the resilience of mountain enterprises so that they can absorb, adapt, and/or transform in the face of these shocks and continue to contribute to social and economic empowerment of mountain communities and climate adaptation actions on the ground.

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) strives to develop a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem for sustainable and equitable livelihoods in collaboration with its eight member countries and diverse partners. It has made significant progress in co-creating and co-developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting products and services of small-scale enterprises, greening value chains, developing inclusive and women-focused entrepreneurship, and building entrepreneurs’ capacity, contributing to locally led adaptation and resilience.


The aim of this session is to share evidence on the status of resilient entrepreneurship in the HKH and showcase emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities, which can help us build a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem. The findings and evidence generated during this session will be linked to regional and global platforms such as the UNFCCC COP26 through ICIMOD’s strategic engagement approach (follow #HKH2Glasgow on social media).


22 January 2021 | 06:00–8:00 UTC (11:45–13:45 Nepal Standard Time)

Time (NPT) Programme Speakers
11:45–11:55 Check-in on online platform and welcome Session moderator: Anu Joshi Shrestha, Enterprise and Value Chain Specialist, ICIMOD
11:55–12:10 Keynote – Importance of a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem in the HKH Nanki Kaur, Regional Programme Manager, Adaptation and Resilience Building, ICIMOD
12:10–12:30 Technical presentation on ICIMOD experience on strengthening resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem Anu Joshi Shrestha, Enterprise and Value Chain Specialist, ICIMOD

Anu Lama, Tourism Specialist, ICIMOD

12:30–13:15 Panel discussion on experience sharing from the region

Moderators: Anu Joshi Shrestha and Anu Lama

Entrepreneurs from the region
Bhutan: YiGa Chocolates Kinley Pelden, YiGa Chocolate
Bangladesh: The Base Camp Tamzid Siddiq Spondon, The Base Camp
India: SELCO Foundation Shripathi Hadigal, SELCO
Nepal: Nepal Communitere and SABAH Nepal Padmakshi Rana, Nepal Communitere

Robin Amatya, SABAH

13:15–13:30 Virtual interactive session Udayan Mishra, Knowledge Management and Networking Officer, ICIMOD

Pratigya Silwal, Programme Officer, ICIMOD

13:30–13:40 Summary and way forward Mewang Gyeltshen, Programme Coordinator, REEECH, ICIMOD
13:40–13:45 Concluding remarks Anu Joshi Shrestha, Enterprise and Value Chain Specialist, ICIMOD