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Regional consultation on Programme Development for Karakoram-Pamir-Wakhan Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KPWLCDI)




ICIMOD HQ and Himalaya Hotel, Kathmandu

Date & Time

07 December 2015 to 11 December 2015



To achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Karakoram-Pamir-Wakhan landscape, ICIMOD is organising a five day regional consultation with key partners. The region links Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and China and is at the convergence of several important biogeographical regions and possesses unique and rich assemblage of biodiversity. It is also the source area or upper-streams of many important international rivers, namely, Amu Darya River, Tarim River, and Indus River and therefore has great conservation value. To conserve the regions biological diversity, preserve its ethnic traditional culture, and promote sustainable socio-economic development, the respective countries and governments have established protected areas of across the region. Many of these protected areas are situated in close proximity to each other and have common protected species and ecosystems. The high passes in the region have been important biological corridors for the migration of important wildlife species in the region. It is critical that collaboration amongst all field managers and policy makers in the related countries is achieved through an effective transboundary cooperation mechanism.


The workshop will bring together key stakeholders from the four countries for regional collaboration and information sharing, will develop a programme design, and will formulate an implementation plan for the initiative.

Expected outcome

Enhanced understanding on transboundary landscapes approach, strengthened regional collaboration amongst the partner nations with well defined goals, objectives and activities for effective programme implementation

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