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Instrument handover ceremony

Ratnoze equipment hand-over ceremony to the Ministry of Climate Change, Pakistan by ICIMOD and FCDO Pakistan




Lahore, Pakistan

Date & Time

04 March 2022


Bidya Banmali Pradhan & Muhammad Ismail

About the event

The ICIMOD office in Islamabad will be officially handing over the Ratnoze emission measurement instrument and its accessories to the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC), Pakistan. Following the handover, we will be providing intensive trainings to government representatives of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Environment Protection Department (EPD) in Punjab as well as representatives from academia for effective operation and maintenance of the instrument. This instrument is vital for generating data and evidence for research, which will assist in making informed policy decisions and enable consistent monitoring and reporting on emission reductions.



As a part of our Clean Brick Initiative, the project “Towards Cleaner Brick Production in Pakistan” aims to continue to share lessons from the Nepalese brick industry’s successful transformation model in Pakistan and showcase climate compatible brick production.

In close collaboration and in coordination with the MoCC, National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA) and Brick Kiln Owners Association of Pakistan (BKOAP), we have been building awareness and capacity of key stakeholders in the brick sector for adopting, using, and managing cleaner technologies. We have been training brick kiln owners on the adoption and operation of zig-zag technology. Similarly, we have provided hands-on training on stack emissions measurement to government officials from EPA and EPD in Punjab as well as representatives from academia.

We have been working closely with MoCC, NEECA, and FCDO Pakistan to setup the required instrumentation to enable consistent monitoring and reporting on emission reductions in the brick industry for improved air quality in Pakistan. We procured a Ratnoze emission measurement instrument and the required accessories with the FCDO funding. A deed of transfer has been mutually prepared with MoCC and FCDO.


Tentative agenda

11:30–12:40 (PKT)

Time (in PKT)



Recitation/Welcome – Muhammad Ismail, ICIMOD Country Representative, Pakistan


Presentation on brick kiln activities in Pakistan – Bidya Banmali Pradhan, Programme Manager- Atmosphere & Coordinator- Air Pollution Solutions Initiative (Virtual)


ICIMOD Opening Remarks –Izabella Koziell, Deputy Director General of ICIMOD (virtual)


Remarks- Alex Ballinger, UK Representative to Punjab at Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Pakistan


Remarks – TBC, Director General, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)


Remarks – Malik Amin Aslam, Hon’ble Minister and Special Advisor to Prime Minister, Ministry of Climate Change


Ratnoze instrument deed of transfer signing and handing-over ceremony (Group photo)


Vote of thanks – Irfan Tariq, Director General, Environment, Ministry of Climate Change

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