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Nepal’s air quality: The third International Day of Clean Air


Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur

Date & Time

07 September 2022

About the event

ICIMOD’s Atmospheric Watch Initiative (AWI), under the Regional Programme on Atmosphere, is organising a one-day workshop to celebrate the third International Day of Clean Air on 7 September 2022. The workshop is being jointly organised with the Department of Environment, Nepal and will bring together different government agencies, private sectors, and stakeholders working in the air pollution sector in Nepal to share ongoing activities, progress, challenges, and way forward.

The International Day of Clean Air for blue skies is marked on 7 September every year. This year’s theme, ‘The Air We Share’, focuses on the transboundary nature of air pollution and highlight the need for collective accountability and collective action.


Expected outcome

National-level stakeholders’ engagement addressing different air pollution issues from different sectors.



Managing Nepal’s growing air pollution crisis requires continuous monitoring of air quality at different locations. Air quality data is a prerequisite for the public to make decisions that result in reduced exposure to hazardous air pollution. The data is also necessary for designing measures and policies that respond to high levels of pollution and reduce emissions from the correct sources in the long run. The data is also needed to monitor the effectiveness of implemented measures and policies.

In 2015, the Department of Environment, with technical support from ICIMOD, designed a decade-scale air quality monitoring plan for Nepal for the gradual development of air quality monitoring stations in 56 different locations around the country, including the Kathmandu Valley. By the end of 2021, 27 Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS) were established by the Government of Nepal, including those established by ICIMOD. The Department of Environment has been conducting different initiatives either stand-alone or with partners ultimately aiming to improve air quality.



Host: Prakash KC, Environment Inspector, Department of Environment

Time (NPT) Programme Speaker
9:00-9:30 Registration with tea/coffee and snacks
9:30–9:40 Welcome remarks Siva Praveen Puppala, Programme Coordinator, Atmospheric Watch Initiative, ICIMOD
Sectoral presentations (one hour )
9:40–9:55 Ongoing activities and progress/achievement (Air quality management) Shankar Prasad Paudel, Senior Divisional Chemist, Department of Environment
9:55–10:10 Introduction to air quality management tool Bhupesh Adhikary, Senior Air Quality Specialist, Water and Air, ICIMOD
10:10–10:25 Air quality and its health impact Meghnath Dhimal, Nepal Health Research Council
10:25–10:35 Remarks from the chief guest Hon. Pradeep Yadav, Minister, Ministry of Forests and Environment
10:35–10:40 Closing remarks from Chairperson Pem Narayan Kandel, Secretary, Ministry of Forests and Environment, Nepal
Panel discussion: Sectoral analysis of air pollution status, challenges, and way forward to mitigate the problem

Moderator: Nabina Maharjan, Environment Inspector, Department of Environment

10:40-11:40 Panellists:

·        Rejina Maskey, Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University (Study and research)

·        Nawa Raj Dhakal, Deputy Executive Director, Alternative Energy Promotion Center (Household sector)

·        Khagendra Basnet, Director, Department of Industry (Industry sector)

·        Ramchandra Paudel, Director, Department of Transport Management (Transport sector)

·        Pradeep Amatya, Lalitpur Metropolitan Office (Waste management)

·        Tika Ram Chapagain, Senior Scientist, National Agricultural Environment Research Center, Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC) (Crop residue burning)

Panel discussion on policy, practices, governance, and finance

Moderator: Nabina Maharjan, Department of Environment

11:40-12:40 Panellists:

– Ministry of Forests and Environment

– Ministry of Finance

– Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry

– Confederation of Nepalese Industries

– Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office

– Nepal Bankers’ Association

12:40-12:50 Closing remarks and way forward Namaraj Ghimire, Director General, Department of Environment
12:50-13:50 Group photo and lunch All participants
14:00-15:30 Visit to the Ratna Park Air Quality Monitoring Station All participants