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Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) Platform




ICIMOD, Kathmandu

Date & Time

21 February 2024

Organisers: ICIMOD, AEPC

About the event

The global agriculture sector is undergoing a transformative phase with a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices, particularly in response to climate change and dwindling conventional energy sources. In Nepal, agriculture is pivotal to the economy and livelihoods and yet the use of energy for agriculture is low. Currently, 60% of cultivable land in Nepal does not have access to irrigation, let alone irrigation based on renewable energy. The current lack of adoption represents a missed opportunity for climate adaptation measures in the sector, hindering its efficiency and resilience.

Recognising this gap, the ‘GEM Project’, supported by the Royal Government of Norway, seeks to catalyse climate-resilient agriculture by developing innovative platforms and framework that enable government agencies, development partners and private sector to identify the potential for integration of renewable energy solutions and their productive applications. Under this backdrop, ICIMOD has developed a Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) platform, in collaboration with the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), which allows to assess lift irrigation opportunities in different parts of the country using grid electricity and other off-grid solutions.

To make this platform more robust, consultations have been carried out with relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation (MoEWRI) and the Department of Irrigation (DoI).

In this regard, ICIMOD and AEPC are jointly organising a validation workshop, aiming to bring together wider audiences from the relevant agencies from various organisations in Nepal.


  • Present the PURE Platform and its functions
  • Discuss the validity of the inputs used and outputs generated by the platform
  • Discuss and receive feedback on ways to strengthen the platform and ensure practical use to various stakeholders

Expected output

  • Consensus on input parameters, threshold/limiting values for analysis, and output parameters

About the Platform

The PURE 2 platform was created using climate data from NASA power, crop data published by FAO, soil map from NARC, land cover map 2021 prepared by ICIMOD, irrigated map from the Department of Water Resources and Irrigation published in their website, digital elevation model from NASA Shuttle Radar Topography, soil data (texture and depth) from FAO, map of transmission and distribution lines from NEA, map of Nepal river network from hydro SHEDs. The crop water requirements at different locations have been estimated using CROPWAT Software. The investment cost for the lift irrigation has been estimated using the specific cost estimated by analysing the best fit curve using costs contained in 185 bidding documents procured by various agencies in Nepal. Based on the inputs, the platform generates outputs – potential area, source of electricity, estimated power and investment requirements at district and provincial levels.