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Information and Knowledge Sharing: Climate Change Adaptation - A Programme for Laxmi Bank Limted, Nepal

In this emerging new era of business environment, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become one of the key components of a company’s reputation. Climate change adaptation as an ever developing global issue is an area of great interest to businesses.




Kanchenjunga Hall, ICIMOD

Date & Time

07 June 2011 01 January 1970

It is no doubt that climate change adaptation needs the full commitment of the private sector for sustainable growth in Asia. The increasing belief that following sustainable practices will stand to gain in the future, is motivating this sector to focus more on the environment issues.
It is in this interest that the Laxmi Bank Limited, as part of their initiative on ‘promoting a greener planet’ would like their staff members to have a clearer understanding on environmental issues and on how they could contribute to this initiative. Thus, Laxmi Bank requested ICIMOD’s assistance in better understanding climate change by sharing the knowledge on the topic. ICIMOD will give a presentation to a group of 30 Laxmi Bank Limited Executives who would comprise of: Laxmi Bank Executive Team; Laxmi Cares Executive Team; and Laxmi Bank Branch Managers in Kathmandu.
Laxmi Bank was incorporated in April 2002 as the 16th commercial bank in Nepal. In 2004, Laxmi Bank merged with HISEF Finance Limited, a first generation financial company which was the first and ever merger in the Nepali corporate history.  Laxmi Bank is a Category ‘A’ Financial Institution and re-registered in 2006 under the “Banks and Financial Institutions Act” of Nepal. The Bank’s shares are listed and actively traded in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).
ICIMOD is a regional knowledge development and learning centre serving the eight regional member countries of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan – and based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Globalisation and climate change have an increasing influence on the stability of fragile mountain ecosystems and the livelihoods of mountain people. ICIMOD aims to assist mountain people to understand these changes, adapt to them, and make the most of new opportunities, while addressing upstream-downstream issues. ICIMOD is widening its partnership with the private sector through CSR initiatives and to help understand this sector the important role businesses can play in sustainable development.


Time Agenda
8:50 AM Arrival of Laxmi Bank Limited executives
9:00 AM Welcome remarks by Dr Andreas Schild, Director General of ICIMOD
9:10 AM Introduction to ICIMOD by Dr Eklabya Sharma, Director-Programme Operations
9:20 AM Presentation by Dr Arun Shrestha, Climate Change Specialist
10:20 AM Coffee break
10:30 AM Tour of ICIMOD
10:45 AM Departure from ICIMOD to ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari
12:30 PM Departure from ICIIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari to ICIMOD

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