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In-situ data collection and analysis of cryosphere in the HKH region




ICIMOD and Langtang Valley, Nepal

Date & Time

21 November 2023 to 08 December 2023

About the event

This training on field observation of snow, glacier, permafrost, and glacial hydrological stations will be attended by our key partners in Nepal. The two-part session will start with a seminar where the participants will receive an overview of different cryosphere monitoring elements; the use of data collection and measurement equipment including glacier mass balance, snow density, precipitation, discharge, water level; how these measurements complement Earth Observation measurements; and how to use these data sets are used as inputs for modelling.

The second part of the training will be conducted in various glacier sites in Langtang Valley.


  • Provide practical understanding of in-situ snow, glacier and permafrost monitoring and data collection
  • Provide practical understanding of glacio-hydrological measurements – Temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, precipitation, water level, discharge etc
  • Provide understanding of how in-situ cryosphere component measurements complement regional monitoring of snow from Earth Observation techniques and input for the modelling

Field activity

The in-situ observation training is designed for a select group of potential partners from Nepal who will be monitoring the cryosphere in the future. The field team will consist of two researchers from ICIMOD, and one each from the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Kathmandu University, and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.

Members of the Langtang community will also participate in the measurements in Langtang. During the fieldwork, the team will visit various cryosphere in-situ observation sites in Langtang Valley to learn how to undertake measurements on snow, glaciers, and permafrost, to learn how the cryosphere is affected by changing climate and the subsequent impacts on ecosystems and livelihoods. Additionally, the team will engage with local communities in Langtang Valley to raise awareness about the changes in the cryosphere.


ICIMOD recognises the importance of cryosphere research and data, and prioritised building capacity to monitor glaciers, snow, and permafrost in the HKH region through the Cryosphere Intervention. To improve regional cooperation and livelihoods and share scientific data, methods, and information, regular conferences, workshops, and webinars are organised, and existing policies are reviewed. The region has a limited number of researchers with the relevant expertise of fieldwork in high-altitude regions, so capacity building is a key priority. Snow, glaciers, and permafrost play a vital role in the regional water balance, and we believe that capacity in this area needs to be enhanced.