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Regional cross learning exposure visit

Cross-learning on initial gas firing for brick entrepreneurs from Punjab, India




Itahari, Nepal

Date & Time

27 December 2022 to 29 December 2022

About the event

ICIMOD – in collaboration with the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and as lead partner of the CCAC’s Bricks Production Initiative – is working to mitigate black carbon and CO2 emissions from brick production. As part of this collaboration, ICIMOD and the Federation of Nepal Brick Industries (FNBI) is organising an initial gas firing training for brick kilns entrepreneurs of Punjab, India in eastern Nepal. 11 brick kiln owners from the Punjab will learn about the initial firing in brick kilns using LPG gas. This knowledge will be scaled out in the Indian Punjab region which could save millions of tonnes of fuelwood burning during the initial brick firing process.

This initial gas firing exposure visit is part of a regional cross learning effort by ICIMOD on mitigating black carbon and CO2 emissions from brick production. In November 2022, brick entrepreneurs from Nepal visited brick kilns in Punjab, India to learn first-hand from government officials and entrepreneurs about producing bio pellets, understanding investment opportunities, and applying them at scale in Nepal.



Initial firing in the brick kiln using firewood is the most common practice to ignite coal. However, it requires high temperatures for ignition (generally >400 °C) as coal is charged only when the bricks are sufficiently hot. The extensive use of fuelwood during the initial firing process also emits harmful pollutants leading to negative impacts on the atmosphere. Further, the rising cost of the fuelwood has led to accessibility issues leading brick entrepreneurs to explore alternative fuel. Gas firing therefore is a viable option for initial firing and can save an estimated 60% of the cost compared to burning fuelwood and significantly reduce pollutant emissions during the initial firing process.



Day 1 – Tuesday, 27 December 2022




Lunch meeting of participants with the Mayor of Rangeli Municipality


Visit to the brick kilns and general observations

Day 2 – Wednesday, 28 December 2022


Initial stacking of bricks for firing




Interactions with trainers and general overview about the initial firing


Initial gas firing demonstration

Day 3 – Thursday, 29 December 2022



Final visit to the brick kiln and feedback


Return to Kathmandu