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Consultative workshop on tourism planning for Namkha Rural Municipality

Namkha Rural Municipality in far-western Nepal serves as the gateway to the sacred Kailash–Mansarovar region and is home to an array of tangible and intangible heritages of religious, socioeconomic, and cultural significance. Situated in Humla District, Karnali Province, Namkha falls within the Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL), which is the focus of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development’s (ICIMOD) Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI). This initiative aims to better conserve and manage the transboundary landscape for sustaining ecosystem goods and services, thereby improving the wellbeing of the mountain communities.


Transboundary Landscapes, Kailash Sacred Landscape, Kangchenjunga Landscape


Kangchenjunga Hall, ICIMOD, Kathmandu

Date & Time

06 May 2019 01 January 1970

Shared by three partner countries – China, India, and Nepal – the KSL is a site of global biocultural diversity, popular for its heritage, ecotourism, and community-based tourism, providing unmatched experiences to international and regional tourists. Being adjacent to Pulan County in China, it can benefit from culture- and nature-based cross-border tourism.

Namkha Rural Municipality is well placed to develop as a national, regional, and global hub for sustainable heritage and ecotourism. A community-centric approach led and managed by local women and men (and youth in particular) is necessary for this. Accordingly, Namkha Rural Municipality with support from ICIMOD is organizing a one-day consultation workshop on its tourism planning (2020–2024) at the ICIMOD headquarters in Kathmandu.


The consultative workshop aims to support the preparation of the five-year Periodic Plan of Namkha Rural Municipality with a focus on Sustainable Tourism Development.

Workshop objectives
  • Introduce Namkha Rural Municipality to diverse national and international development organizations
  • Consult with stakeholders on opportunities for synergy in tourism development
  • Identify and consolidate a five-year tourism activity plan (short, mid, and long term) for Namkha
  • Finalize preparations for a tourist/pilgrim health camp for the 2019 tourist season (May–September) at Hilsa, Humla District, in coordination with the Himalayan Rescue Association

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