Core pillars

Our activities range greatly from hands-on research and piloting of solutions, to policy implementation with governments, to mountain advocacy on the global stage. What unites everything we do, is a core focus around these fundamentally important defining objectives.

Enhance livelihoods

For centuries, millions of people have lived among the awe-inspiring mountains, peaks and valleys of the HKH. From farmers to fishermen, climate change is wreaking havoc on their lifestyles and livelihoods, threatening communities and their ability to survive.

Sustain resources

From animals and plant species you won't find anywhere else in the world, to ice caps and glaciers that store water for close to 2 billion people, the biodiversity and natural resources of the HKH are in greater jeopardy than ever before, and their loss will be felt across the globe.

Value culture

The HKH spans countries and comprises a rich, diverse tapestry of colors, textures and cultures. The HKH is a microcosm of the world, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

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HKH population
1.9 B
HKH upstream/downstream population

Regional Programmes

Our integrated approach

We organize our work in Regional Programmes, which build on ICIMOD's deep history of engagement and are formulated to deliver strategic results, to promote transboundary cooperation, to meet capacity building needs in the region, and to support long-term testing, piloting, and monitoring of innovative approaches.

Adaptation and Resilience Building

Communities across the HKH are adapting to climate change impacts and are building their resilience to environmental and socio-economic shocks.

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Transboundary Landscapes

Conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources cannot be effectively achieved without considering landscapes defined by ecosystems.

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River Basins and Cryosphere

Water is an essential element for life on our planet and its flows are connected upstream and downstream and across geographies.

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The HKH receives significant amounts of air pollution from within and outside of the region. This has major impacts, affecting the health of people and ecosystems, the climate, cryosphere, monsoon patterns, and agriculture.

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Mountain Environment Regional Information Systems

Complex geographies within the HKH benefit from leveraging the power of Earth observation and geo-spatial technologies.

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Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks

Individuals and institutions amplify effectiveness when they are connected through networks, sharing knowledge and taking action together.

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Research and data

We create knowledge

Knowledge is the first step towards innovation and impact. We work relentlessly to understand problems by facilitating research and producing data.

Regional Database System

All of ICIMOD’s published datasets are available for download after simple registration and acceptance of the data use agreement.

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A vast array of Open Access resources in the HIMALDoc digital repository focus on sustainable mountain development in the HKH.

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Regional member countries

We are an intergovernmental institution set up by our eight RMCs, whose governments support us and provide us strategic guidance.

Success stories

Our lasting impact

The problems facing the mountains and people of the HKH aren’t solved with brilliant theories alone. They are solved by having a hands-on understanding of the challenges of the region, and a truly holistic approach that places as much emphasis on implementation as it does on understanding.

Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Building a member-led consortium
Building a member-led consortium
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
From strength to strength
From strength to strength

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