Brigitte Hoermann

Strategic Leader- Poverty, Senior Economist

Dr Brigitte Hoermann, an Italian national, joined ICIMOD in March 2008 and is Team Leader for Innovative Livelihoods, with a focus on poverty and vulnerability analysis and alternative income opportunities such as labour migration and tourism. Prior to her appointment as Team Leader for Innovative Livelihoods in July 2009, she served as economist in the Economic Analysis Division at ICIMOD. Before joining ICIMOD, she held various positions in the private sector in the United States, Indonesia, and Europe, among others, with Procter & Gamble. She also worked with German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) with a focus on rural economic development and organisational strengthening in Nepal. Dr Hoermann holds a PhD in Social and Economic Studies from Innsbruck University, Austria, and a Master’s degree in Communication Science from Salzburg University, Austria. More recently she completed a Research Master’s in International Development from Melbourne University, Australia, focusing on donor allocation patterns in overseas development aid.