Deepa Basnet

Research Associate - Ecosystems

Ecosystem Services

Deepa Basnet is a Research Associate for the Landscape Initiative for the Far Eastern Himalaya (HI-LIFE), where she conducts research and helps develop knowledge products and disseminate them to partners and stakeholders. She also supports HI-LIFE’s Regional Database System (RDS). She joined ICIMOD in 2014 and was initially responsible for research under the livelihoods theme and the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP). She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES), Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 

Ms Basnet has eight years of experience working with the government, local NGOs, and INGOs. She received funding from the World Wide Fund for Nature in 2012 for research on “Willingness of upstream and downstream resource managers to engage in compensation schemes for watershed services in lower Himalaya, Nepal.” In 2011, she led a project on “Study of social behavior of the Rhesus monkey inside the Indian Embassy, Nepal,” funded by Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation and the Indian Embassy in Nepal. She has also worked in projects related to protected areas, the clouded leopard, electoral support through the UN, women development, forest carbon inventory, bird conservation, and climate change adaptation and valuation.