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Regional member countries

We are an intergovernmental institution set up by our eight RMCs, whose governments support us and provide us strategic guidance.

Strategic groups

We will analyse and tackle cross-cutting issues throughout our whole portfolio. These are situation-specific and often sensitive issues, and we will work hard to improve our analysis and engagement with partners, as well as our results management.

SG 1: Reducing climate and environmental risks
Climate change is integral to this SG, driving increased risks such as of floods and landslides from glacier melt and permafrost thaw. We will build appropriate climate change projections... Learn more
SG 2: Shaping green and inclusive mountain economies
A clear focus on social inclusion, environmental degradation and biodiversity underpin the whole concept of a productive, sustainable, and equitable green and circular mountain economy. Learn more
SG 3: Enabling regional and global mechanisms for sustainable action
Gender and social inclusion take a prominent role in this SG, through the question of whose voice gets represented in global and regional forums. Learn more

Action areas

The AA will be responsible for results delivery, people and budgets. The combination of all work under the three SGs enables us to build on our existing strengths while equipping us to fulfil the theory of change elaborated in our Strategy 2030.

Action area A: Managing cryosphere and water risks

This AA will address cryosphere (glaciers, snow, and permafrost) and water-related risks, that are increasing in intensity and complexity.

Action area B: Stimulating action for clean air

The aim of this AA is to focus attention on the significant impacts of air pollution on human health, economic development, climate change, and the environment.

Action area C: Adapting and transforming livelihoods and economies

The aim of this AA will be to explore options for and co-develop ‘future-fit’ enterprises and livelihood opportunities.

Action area D: Restoring and regenerating landscapes

The aim of this AA is to help address the rapid and extensive degradation of the mountain biodiversity and landscapes whilst also providing critical ecosystem services for downstream communities.

Action area E: Building institutions for regional cooperation and collaboration

Through this AA on Building Institutions for Regional Cooperation and Collaboration, we aim to deliver the evidence-based knowledge and insights, the institutional policies, and the investment mechanisms needed to enable the necessary transitions to a more sustainable HKH.

Action area F: Strengthening global leadership in sustainable mountain development

Through this AA, we aim to become a global knowledge lead on sustainable mountain development and amplify the voices of mountain communities – including youth, women, and marginalised communities such as indigenous people – to build recognition of the HKH as a critical global asset.

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Around the HKH

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Our lasting impact

The problems facing the mountains and people of the HKH aren’t solved with brilliant theories alone. They are solved by having a hands-on understanding of the challenges of the region, and a truly holistic approach that places as much emphasis on implementation as it does on understanding.

Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Building a member-led consortium
Building a member-led consortium
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
From strength to strength
From strength to strength

Living Mountain Lab

The Living Mountain Lab supports ICIMOD’s focus on innovating and demonstrating sustainable technologies, and conservation of natural resources.

Learn more
ICIMOD Park at Godavari

Research and data

We create knowledge

Knowledge is the first step towards innovation and impact. We work relentlessly to understand problems by facilitating research and producing data.

gender dimensions of climate change

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